Fashion designer


Designer, model and blogger, Candice is bold, elegant and exceptionally innovative woman.

It was during a "thigh high boots shopping session" where she found herself unable to find thigh high boots to fit her that she imagined the fashion accessory that was sorely missing from women's wardrobe: Thus was born "The Pimp Up".For the first time ever, Pimp Up™ gives you the power to feel elegant and comfortable no matter what adorns your feet : high or flat heels, boots, sneakers...

Reveal yourself with PIMP UP™.


PIMP UP™: an ethical and sustainable brand


Innovative, comfortable, committed ...
The brand Pimp Up™™ does not follow trends; it creates them.
Pimp Up™ is a new finely designed and crafted accessory that transforms any pair of shoes into thigh high boots.

Using a combination of the finest materials and adornments, unique designs, and a passionate attention to detail... everything we make is crafted to allow you to create your very own personal style statement.

Pimp Up™ is for women who walk with a confident stride and a spring in their step that keeps them constantly ahead. Its more than an accessory. Pimp Up™ is a sign, a symbol, a style statement of a woman who is comfortable in her feminity and personal uniqueness. Pimp Up™ frees her to express her individuality with courage and elegance. démarquer par son style et sa personnalité.

Sustainibility is important to us. We offer you fashion with integrity and transparency in our practices, highlighting short circuits, artisanal manufacturing in European factories and high quality fabrics designed to last.

Thus, we actively participate in the fashion revolution.